Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chance of a lifetime

I've gotten some messages asking if I'm going to be releasing anything new. It's been a few weeks and I guess people are starting to wonder.

I haven't had much time as of late, due to a way cool and very excellent real life opportunity. This project is something I'm very passionate about, and hope to make a real life difference with my work.

Unfortunately, this means that designing for Zullay Designs will no longer be possible.

The store will probably stay open through May 31th, 2009 so if there is anything you'd like to purchase you can pick it up.

This has been a wild and crazy ride, and my sincere thanks to everyone for making my fashion designer fantasy come true. I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends and you awesome customers.

Never forget that YOU are extraordinary!

I wish you all lotsa love, laughs and chocolate :)
<3 Zullay

The outpouring of support is so cool! Thanks everyone, it means a lot.

I've also received some questions and requests so here is a quick FAQ's about the store closing (sorry I've not the time to answer them all individually):

Q: Will you be discounting your items or giving them away?
A: No. To give them away or to discount them all would devalue the work I put into them, and would not be fair to those customers who paid full price. The items I placed on discount before my decision to close the shop will remain on discount.
I have always endeavored to do right by my customers and will continue to do so until the shop closes.

Q: Will you hire me/my company/my friend to manage your store so you don't have to close it?
A: No. I do not have the time to create new items and keeping a store just have my current stock available isn't a sound business practice. The stock would soon stagnate and sales would eventually die out completely leaving me to pay my rents out of pocket. If I cannot add anything new and fun for my customers, then there is no motivation for me to keep the store open.

Q: Can I have your files full perm?
A: No. All of the designs are my original designs and I will maintain ownership of my copyrighted materials and creations.

Q: Can I buy Zullay Designs or use the name?
A: No. Zullay Designs is trademarked, and I will not be selling the store. Zullay Designs was my little dream and it is not for sale at any price.

Q: Will you ever return to designing in SL.
A: I've loved my time here and creating yummy stuff has been such a tremendous joy. If there comes a time when I can return and create again, then I will certainly come back.

Q: Can I still purchase the outfits you currently have listed on XStreet?
A: No. They will be taken down as well when the store closes.

Q: Can I sell your items for you and pay you a percentage?
A: No. I am not authorizing anyone to sell my designs on my behalf.

Q: When will you be filling my gift certificate I sent you?
A: I will be filling the gift certificates I currently have this week. Please forgive the delay, but I've such little time at the moment to do anything in SL. I will fill them when I have a free second, I promise! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Congratulations to Grace Staryk who took 1st place in our *Spring* photo contest! She'll be receiving a L$2,500 gift certificate to buy herself some yummies from Zullay Designs!

Janaina Delvalle took 2nd place and gets a L$1000 gift certificate, and Chirzaka Vlodovic took 3rd earning her a L$500 gift certificate. Cheri Larnia is receiving a set of the Georgia shorts and top for winning Honorable Mention.

Congratulations everyone, and thanks to all of you who entered.

Happy weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring/Summer '09

[Poet Collection: "Miranda" belted dress w. hooded cowl]

I've finished up the first few pieces of the Spring/Summer yummies and hope to have them in the store by Friday evening. Beginning with these items, all future items priced over L$300 will have free demos for you to try on prior to purchasing.

The first is Miranda (above) from the Poet Collection and has captured the Springtime in Paris vibe. The set includes the sculpted (2 piece) hooded cowl, dress top and knee length system skirt (w. glitch), flexed prims skirt, contrasting prim belt (touch to resize) and gloves. Miranda was created so that you could wear it with or without the cowl or flexed skirt and will come in Cyan (shown), Rose, Violet, and Latte.

[Glamour Collection: "Isabeau" in Sunset]

[Glamour Collection: "Isabeau" in Afternoon]

From the Glamour Collection we have Isabeau, which is a 3 outfits in 1. It's a mini dress and one piece swimsuit (shown above), and can also be a top when worn with a pair of skinny jeans. The top is decorated with contrasting hand painted jewels on the straps on the front and back. Along with the Sunset and Afternoon colors shown above, a baby blue and pink version called Morning and a black and red one called Night will also be available.

[Poet Collection: "Georgia" Top & High Waisted shorts (separates) in Red & Cream]

[Poet Collection: "Georgia" Top & High Waisted shorts (separates) in Navy]

Last, but certainly not least are the Georgia separates from the Poet Collection. The striped tops button down the back and come in tops will come in Navy, Red & Gray on cream with matching scarves. The high waisted shorts zip up the back and are pleated on both the front and the back with 6 decorative buttons and sculpted cuffs. The shorts will be available in Navy, Cream (both shown above), Red and Gray.

The new hairstyle shown with the new outfits is called "Demure" and will also be introduced this weekend with the new clothing. Demure is part of the Poet Collection and is touch to resize, as with all of our hair styles with free demos.

I'll be sending out a notice to my groupies as soon as the outfits hit the store!

Have a delightful weekend everyone!
<3 Zullay

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


To say that it was difficult to choose the top 3 photos for our first photo contest would be an understatement.

So many awesome entries. The creativity and imagination shown by everyone is inspiring.

But, in the end we had to choose. Congratulations to (in no particular order)
Grace Staryk
Chirzaka Vlodovic
Janaina Delvalle

These are our top 3 choices, and now (starting on April 22nd), all of our customers can come to Zullay Designs and vote on your favorite! (Check HERE to see the initial entry with the how-to of the voting).
We would like to send out an honorable mention to Cheri Larnia for excellent work as well (and she'll be getting a special gift).

We are delighted that so many of you took the time to create some really cool shots for our *first* photo contest, that everyone who entered will be receiving an item (in a limited color) from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2009 collections. If you entered, be on the lookout for some incoming yumminess this weekend when I'll be sending them out!

Thanks everyone!
<3 Zullay

Monday, March 16, 2009

For a great cause

The RFL Clothing Fair begins today, and I'll be donating all of the proceeds from the "Pirate Grace" set to the cause. The theme is "Pirates" and Grace is how I do pirates...chic and sexy.

I'm hesitant to reveal much about my personal life, but cancer hits very close to home for me . My mother died of cancer several years ago, and it isn't a phone call I wish anyone to have to receive. Ever.

To that end let's Relay...let's make a difference and get one step closer to a cure.

Have a delightful week everyone and shop til you drop.


<3 Zullay

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 New Yummies

"Aurora" Skirt & Top set, new for the Poet Collection

"Ariel" swimsuit new in the Glamour Collection

I've been busy making some new yumminess for the upcoming Clothing Fair, but I so love these 2 outfits I had to share!

Enjoy the sexiness and bring on the warmer weather :)

<3 Zullay

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Spring" I'm Extraordinary photo contest

It's nearly spring time, and I'm looking forward to some warmer weather and yummie outfits! To get us all in the mood for the springtime we're having a photo contest. Just join our Flickr Group , submit photos of yourself wearing our stuff, and you could win a cool gift certificate for Zullay Designs (which means a shopping spree on us...and that's pretty cool).

The best part is that our customers get to pick the winner! Dame Demina (my awesome assistant) and I will pick the top 3, and you pick who wins.

So here are da rules (because it's a contest and we have to have rules):

-Submissions for the Spring I'm Extraordinary contest run from March 10-April 19, 2009 and need to be submitted to the I'm Extraordinary Flickr Group between the above dates.

-Submissions must have have your full name in the title of the photo (so we know who to credit when you win).

-You need to be wearing a Zullay Designs outfit minimum in the theme of Spring

-Feel free to do some "photoshopping" to the picture if you are so inclined, just don't change it up to the point where we can't see the hair, clothing and skin, and no nudity please

-The judges for the contest are Zullay Thor and Dame Demina, and we will be choosing the top 3 photos. These 3 will be announced on April 20th and their photos will be placed in the main shop for customer voting beginning on April 22nd

NOTE: If you are chosen as one of the top 3, you must send a full perm TGA graphic to us in order to be entered for the final in-store customer voting. You will be contacted on who to send the graphic to if you are one of the top 3 chosen.

-Customer voting for the best photo will start April 22-29 in the main shop of Zullay Designs. You must go to the location and touch the photo of your choice (only one vote per photo, per avatar)

We hope you have some fun with this, and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the great photos our customers share with us!

<3 Zullay

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stuff to do

Hello there!

It has been a couple of insanely busy weeks, and the schedule doesn't appear to be slowing much. With the spring/summer 2009 Couture Collection on the drawing board along with the spring items for the read-to-wear collections I've my hands full. Add in a few custom Couture orders and some fabulous fashion shows, it's a bit crazy! But I'm loving it.

Here are a few events that are coming up where my yumm
ie designs will be featured:

-Morpheous Dreams fashion show produced by the Atlantis Modeling Agency. They are a top-notch group and great to work with. It will be at my main shop on Saturday Feb. 21st at Noon SLT SLurl

-March 16-22: Clothing Fair. LM's will be available in a few weeks and I'll keep you updated on how to get there and what fun stuff I've designed (including a limited edition set).

I regret I was not able to have the information for my show at RUNWAY's Fashion Week in Bryant Park out to you in time for the show on Tuesday. It went really well and I was thrilled to work with Maggie Mahoney and Ocean Bates, et al for this event. They do a wonderful job. The shows will be going on through next week, so do look it up in-world and go if you can. There is also a small boutique where the shown fashions will be available to purchase after you've seen them on the runway.

RUNWAY is also producing an YSL tribute show this summer and I'll have a design in the show. The design is inspired by YSL, who was one of fashion's major influences for the past 50 years. His death last year left a whole in the heart of the fashion industry, but his style goes on as his influences can still be seen in the designs of Micheal Kors and other contemporary designers.

I'll keep you updated on other events I'll be partaking in, and I hope to see you there!

<3 Zullay

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here are the first 2 hair styles with the new textures (I so love them!). I will be retexturing the older styles next week at the latest.

Also new is the Zenobia mini-dress complete with silver linked belt. Of course all of the hair styles and the prim belt have the handy "touch to resize" script making them easy to fit.

I'll be posting all of the upcoming events here on the blog soon, so check back!

<3 Zullay

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where's the L.O.V.E. ?

Now that the store is all put back together and organized, I'm holding a Valentine's Day goodie hunt. There will be 4 hearts hidden in the store. Each heart will have a letter that spells out LOVE. You have have to find all 4 hearts to get all of the pieces of the Christine Dress I've done in black and pink and will not be available after the hunt.

Find the LOVE, find the goodies :)

<3 Zullay

Pardon our dust

Hello dahlinks!

Some updates for you....

For several weeks I've been mentally designing a new look for my main shop. I love the island location, but the interior is so not me. After many long hours of searching for the right color palette and working on the layout, it is finally time to update Zullay Designs.

I'm so excited about this new look and I can't wait to show you!

But, if you see me in the shop tearing down walls, ripping up the floors and making a general mess of not worry. In a few days it will be all done and better than ever.

Speaking of better, I've been messing about with new hair textures on and off for the past month. I knew I wanted to improve them, but not exactly certain what I was going to do!

In order to avoid actual work, I've spent several hours playing in Photoshop trying out different techniques to make my new hair textures. At last I've completed the textures for the straight hair and hope to have some new 'dos in the shop soon after the remodeling is complete. I'll be putting 3 of the older styles on sale for 50% off so you can grab them before they are replaced. Sale hair styles have the giant glowey red sign that says, "SALE" on it.

I'll send out a notice once the remodeling is complete and the new yummies are in.

Have a delightful week!
<3 Zullay

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oooh Pretty!

The Glamour Collection Mani/Pedi set in "Ravish" (Shown with the new Glamour Skin in "Ravish" make up)

The Glamour Collection "Marilyn Dress" in periwinkle. I'm channeling old Hollywood here and loving the sexiness!

Poet Collection "Silvia" gown in Rose. (Hat sold separately)

Glamour Collection "Veronique" Gown in Red (Oooh la la, no?)

Glamour Collection "Flora" Dress in Scarlet (tres chic and so feminine).

The ever popular "Diana" Gown, now in 3 more colors (Green shown here). This new version of Diana comes with 2 pairs of gloves: one to match the bodice & the traditional black pair.

Because I'm such a tease, I'm posting some snapshots of the new items I'm releasing on Sunday. I'm very excited and if you're in my group, then you'll be receiving a group gift today....a free set of my mani/pedis in a limited edition color.

So I will see you all on Sunday from 10am -1pm SLT where we can dance and enjoy the new yummies! :)

<3 Zullay

Personal Assistance

Yesterday I hired Dame Demina as my personal assistant. I believe she is the perfect addition to Zullay Designs and I'm looking forward to working with her.

Help me welcome her aboard, and I'm certain you will treat her with the same kind and generous spirit with which you've all treated me.

<3 Zullay

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dress Up!

I've been a busy the last few weeks. Feeling I needed a few more dresses for the shop as well as manis & pedis to match my skins, I went to work and created some yummie items for you.

On Sunday, Jan 25th from 10am-1pm I'm having a little party celebrating the release of these new items. And I just really was in the mood for a party .

I have 5 new dresses, one of which is the popular Diana gown in new colors, 3 new make ups added to the Glamour collection skins, and new mani & pedis to match the Glamour Skins.

So starting at 10am on Sunday all of the new items will be 15% off until 1pm, there will be a goodie hunt, door prizes and DJ Summer Deadlight will be spinning some danceable tunes from 11am-1pm. Come and play dress-up and have fun :)