Tuesday, April 21, 2009


To say that it was difficult to choose the top 3 photos for our first photo contest would be an understatement.

So many awesome entries. The creativity and imagination shown by everyone is inspiring.

But, in the end we had to choose. Congratulations to (in no particular order)
Grace Staryk
Chirzaka Vlodovic
Janaina Delvalle

These are our top 3 choices, and now (starting on April 22nd), all of our customers can come to Zullay Designs and vote on your favorite! (Check HERE to see the initial entry with the how-to of the voting).
We would like to send out an honorable mention to Cheri Larnia for excellent work as well (and she'll be getting a special gift).

We are delighted that so many of you took the time to create some really cool shots for our *first* photo contest, that everyone who entered will be receiving an item (in a limited color) from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2009 collections. If you entered, be on the lookout for some incoming yumminess this weekend when I'll be sending them out!

Thanks everyone!
<3 Zullay

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