Friday, March 6, 2009

"Spring" I'm Extraordinary photo contest

It's nearly spring time, and I'm looking forward to some warmer weather and yummie outfits! To get us all in the mood for the springtime we're having a photo contest. Just join our Flickr Group , submit photos of yourself wearing our stuff, and you could win a cool gift certificate for Zullay Designs (which means a shopping spree on us...and that's pretty cool).

The best part is that our customers get to pick the winner! Dame Demina (my awesome assistant) and I will pick the top 3, and you pick who wins.

So here are da rules (because it's a contest and we have to have rules):

-Submissions for the Spring I'm Extraordinary contest run from March 10-April 19, 2009 and need to be submitted to the I'm Extraordinary Flickr Group between the above dates.

-Submissions must have have your full name in the title of the photo (so we know who to credit when you win).

-You need to be wearing a Zullay Designs outfit minimum in the theme of Spring

-Feel free to do some "photoshopping" to the picture if you are so inclined, just don't change it up to the point where we can't see the hair, clothing and skin, and no nudity please

-The judges for the contest are Zullay Thor and Dame Demina, and we will be choosing the top 3 photos. These 3 will be announced on April 20th and their photos will be placed in the main shop for customer voting beginning on April 22nd

NOTE: If you are chosen as one of the top 3, you must send a full perm TGA graphic to us in order to be entered for the final in-store customer voting. You will be contacted on who to send the graphic to if you are one of the top 3 chosen.

-Customer voting for the best photo will start April 22-29 in the main shop of Zullay Designs. You must go to the location and touch the photo of your choice (only one vote per photo, per avatar)

We hope you have some fun with this, and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the great photos our customers share with us!

<3 Zullay

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