Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have received many questions about the upcoming Couture Collection. Some people ask when will it be released, while others are curious about the cost of a unique ensemble. The most asked question is, to my surprise, how will they be sold?

When I developed the idea of having a Couture Collection, my focus was on creating luxuriously detailed and unique outfits and hadn't give much thought to the logistics of selling them.

Will they be auctioned? If so, how? How is the starting price determined?

Will it be first come first serve? And how is that going to work with customers from around the globe in different time zones?

How will the creations be debuted?

To answer some of these questions truthfully: I do not know.

In case you are not familiar with my Couture Collection, it is a group of several unique and quite beautiful outfits that I am creating. This collection differs from my other 3 collections in that I will sell the originals, not copies. This means only one person will own the creation and I will not make another.

I am leaning towards a silent auction because it is the most organized option I can think of. Give everyone a few days to see the outfits and then send me note cards with their bid on it.

Prices will be determined by the amount of time I spent on the item. Currently I have 3 outfits completed and they range in price from L$3,000 to L$35,000.

For an unveiling I want those who have supported the fledgling Zullay Designs to be the first to see the items. I'm considering randomly choosing the names of 15 group members who have my store in their picks in world and they will be invited to the unveiling. Then later I'd allow the masses to come and visit the new yummies and drool for a bit before the auction opens.

The tentative release date is October 11th.

I'm creating a poll over on the left there to get some feedback. I'm very interested in what my customers think.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Some people define success by their financial situation. Others by their family and friends. I am going to define the success of Zullay Designs by my happy customers.

Today I was very successful.

I heard how much the free goodies and scavenger hunt prizes were appreciated and how much people loved the items they purchased. This means a lot to me. Certainly there is the need to pay rent and cover my upload fees, not to mention paying for my time spent creating an item, but it is not as important as you wearing an item from Zullay Designs and feeling special.

That is my number one goal.

Speaking of happy people, there are 3 very lovely and very fortunate ladies who have won the Grand Opening Drawing. They each get to choose 5 items from the store and I know they will wear them proudly! Our winners are Ella Quinsette, Zelda Homewood and Eden Knoller.

Congratulations ladies and I hope you love each and every piece you choose.

It has been a long and wonderful day, but I must retire for the evening.

Thank you all for visiting Zullay Designs.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This has a been a fun week of firsts for Zullay Designs. I sold my first skin, and we have our first posted reviews.

Big smile.

It's all quite exciting.

I admit some trepidation when sending out review items to both Stella Stapleton (of SexySecond ) and Rhi Rossini (of Second Style ). They are both bloggers that I enjoy reading, but asking them to review my creations was a bit nerve wracking. I am quite proud of my designs, but no one ever wants negative feedback.

You can link to the blog posts over there on the left

The Grand Opening is just days away and unfortunately I will not be showing the Couture Collection at that time. I have been spending every spare moment working on the collection, but it is not going to be completed to my standards and I refuse to show anything that isn't 100% fabulous.

It will be another week or so before it is done, but it will be worth the wait, you can be certain.

I have several things scheduled for our Grand Opening:
-A scavenger hunt of sorts around the cove outside of my shop. Gift bags will be filled with goodies and free to those willing to make their way through the undergrowth to find them
-I will have a new set of skins free during the Grand Opening and NOT available afterwards

-A limited edition version of
one of the Glamour pieces will also be available during the Grand Opening only
-Finally, I will be giving away pieces of each collection. 3 winners will be chosen and they will receive 5 items of their choice from the collections.

Please stop by Zullay Designs on Saturday September 20th from 10am - 4pm and say "hello". I'll be there along with my yummy creations.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


About 6 months ago I created my first nice skin (one that I could wear out in public) and I am now wholly addicted to this concept of wearable art (which is truly what Second Life (tm) fashion is).

I have rented a cute little shop Zullay Designs on a very pretty island and I have filled it with skins, beautiful clothes and hair styles.

It's all very exciting and I hope you find something that you truly love to wear.

(Psssst...a little secret: in the shopping bags by the front entrance I have placed free skins and a beautiful gown as a gift to those who stop by before the grand opening).

Of course my little store would be nothing without a thank you to those who have supported me, encouraged me and, most importantly, were my crash dummies while I was making my first designs. And I'd be remiss if I did not also acknowledge those who made learning how to create in SL (tm) possible through their clothing templates, base skins, and the brilliant tutorials.

Much love,