Monday, October 27, 2008

Mixing 'N Matching

I enjoy mixing and matching colors, textures and looks. That enjoyment inspired me to create these awesome autumn looks which I called the ::Hera:: set.

A belted jacket, nicely textured shorts with sculpted cuffs, a striped sweater, and a pleated neck blouse make a nice addition to any wardrobe.

All of these items are sold separately in 7 yummie colors.

When you stop by, be sure to check out the pumpkin. There is a treat in there for those of you who like free goodies.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It is nearly 4am, but I cannot sleep. I'm so excited! Why? You mean you don't know? Well today I will be premiering 4 new and lovely pieces for the Couture Collection and they are so beautiful they are beyond yummie (I'll need a new adjective now).

So today will be the VIP preview (for members of my update group and other wonderful people who have supported me), and Sunday I'll spend a few hours modeling the pieces for the public. I have a new skin and hair style to go with the pretty new things. The pieces are limited as in there is only one created and sold. That's right, only one! So yes, the prices will reflect their uniqueness, but for those who want that special outfit that is theirs alone, this is the perfect opportunity.

The skin and hair will be available only through Oct 26th, then it will be gone forever.

And to even add more giddy to my giddiness, Strawberry Singh (Aka Berry) posted a delightful blog post about me and my little shop on her blog of awesomeness named Berry's Blog. You should check it out. Her photos are really something.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Zaara Kohmine of {Zaara} who was hanging out with Berry while we chatted in my shop. Now I don't get out much shopping for clothes, but I do keep an eye on the blogs and magazines. Zaara is an incredible artist and she's a delightful person as well. I have never been to her shop, but I plan to go very soon just to stand in awe of her creations.

Now I can tell my friends I know a famous SL designer :P And she's cool too.

So dahlinks, read Berry's Blog (link to the left) and then I'll see you this weekend when I'm showing off my newest items. I'm really excited and hope you can make it!


Friday, October 3, 2008


I love autumn. I also love the comfy weekend wear that comes with the cooler weather. So get cozy with the new Nysa Layered Hoodie.

This is a layered, mix and match look with the Nysa hoodie, the hoodie layered with the longer undershirt, and the longer undershirt with sculpted prim cuffs and a cool sculpted prim hoodie. Each can be worn separately for 3 different looks in 6 de-lish fall colors: