Saturday, September 20, 2008


Some people define success by their financial situation. Others by their family and friends. I am going to define the success of Zullay Designs by my happy customers.

Today I was very successful.

I heard how much the free goodies and scavenger hunt prizes were appreciated and how much people loved the items they purchased. This means a lot to me. Certainly there is the need to pay rent and cover my upload fees, not to mention paying for my time spent creating an item, but it is not as important as you wearing an item from Zullay Designs and feeling special.

That is my number one goal.

Speaking of happy people, there are 3 very lovely and very fortunate ladies who have won the Grand Opening Drawing. They each get to choose 5 items from the store and I know they will wear them proudly! Our winners are Ella Quinsette, Zelda Homewood and Eden Knoller.

Congratulations ladies and I hope you love each and every piece you choose.

It has been a long and wonderful day, but I must retire for the evening.

Thank you all for visiting Zullay Designs.

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