Thursday, September 18, 2008


This has a been a fun week of firsts for Zullay Designs. I sold my first skin, and we have our first posted reviews.

Big smile.

It's all quite exciting.

I admit some trepidation when sending out review items to both Stella Stapleton (of SexySecond ) and Rhi Rossini (of Second Style ). They are both bloggers that I enjoy reading, but asking them to review my creations was a bit nerve wracking. I am quite proud of my designs, but no one ever wants negative feedback.

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The Grand Opening is just days away and unfortunately I will not be showing the Couture Collection at that time. I have been spending every spare moment working on the collection, but it is not going to be completed to my standards and I refuse to show anything that isn't 100% fabulous.

It will be another week or so before it is done, but it will be worth the wait, you can be certain.

I have several things scheduled for our Grand Opening:
-A scavenger hunt of sorts around the cove outside of my shop. Gift bags will be filled with goodies and free to those willing to make their way through the undergrowth to find them
-I will have a new set of skins free during the Grand Opening and NOT available afterwards

-A limited edition version of
one of the Glamour pieces will also be available during the Grand Opening only
-Finally, I will be giving away pieces of each collection. 3 winners will be chosen and they will receive 5 items of their choice from the collections.

Please stop by Zullay Designs on Saturday September 20th from 10am - 4pm and say "hello". I'll be there along with my yummy creations.

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