Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have received many questions about the upcoming Couture Collection. Some people ask when will it be released, while others are curious about the cost of a unique ensemble. The most asked question is, to my surprise, how will they be sold?

When I developed the idea of having a Couture Collection, my focus was on creating luxuriously detailed and unique outfits and hadn't give much thought to the logistics of selling them.

Will they be auctioned? If so, how? How is the starting price determined?

Will it be first come first serve? And how is that going to work with customers from around the globe in different time zones?

How will the creations be debuted?

To answer some of these questions truthfully: I do not know.

In case you are not familiar with my Couture Collection, it is a group of several unique and quite beautiful outfits that I am creating. This collection differs from my other 3 collections in that I will sell the originals, not copies. This means only one person will own the creation and I will not make another.

I am leaning towards a silent auction because it is the most organized option I can think of. Give everyone a few days to see the outfits and then send me note cards with their bid on it.

Prices will be determined by the amount of time I spent on the item. Currently I have 3 outfits completed and they range in price from L$3,000 to L$35,000.

For an unveiling I want those who have supported the fledgling Zullay Designs to be the first to see the items. I'm considering randomly choosing the names of 15 group members who have my store in their picks in world and they will be invited to the unveiling. Then later I'd allow the masses to come and visit the new yummies and drool for a bit before the auction opens.

The tentative release date is October 11th.

I'm creating a poll over on the left there to get some feedback. I'm very interested in what my customers think.

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