Friday, January 23, 2009

Oooh Pretty!

The Glamour Collection Mani/Pedi set in "Ravish" (Shown with the new Glamour Skin in "Ravish" make up)

The Glamour Collection "Marilyn Dress" in periwinkle. I'm channeling old Hollywood here and loving the sexiness!

Poet Collection "Silvia" gown in Rose. (Hat sold separately)

Glamour Collection "Veronique" Gown in Red (Oooh la la, no?)

Glamour Collection "Flora" Dress in Scarlet (tres chic and so feminine).

The ever popular "Diana" Gown, now in 3 more colors (Green shown here). This new version of Diana comes with 2 pairs of gloves: one to match the bodice & the traditional black pair.

Because I'm such a tease, I'm posting some snapshots of the new items I'm releasing on Sunday. I'm very excited and if you're in my group, then you'll be receiving a group gift today....a free set of my mani/pedis in a limited edition color.

So I will see you all on Sunday from 10am -1pm SLT where we can dance and enjoy the new yummies! :)

<3 Zullay

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