Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pardon our dust

Hello dahlinks!

Some updates for you....

For several weeks I've been mentally designing a new look for my main shop. I love the island location, but the interior is so not me. After many long hours of searching for the right color palette and working on the layout, it is finally time to update Zullay Designs.

I'm so excited about this new look and I can't wait to show you!

But, if you see me in the shop tearing down walls, ripping up the floors and making a general mess of things...do not worry. In a few days it will be all done and better than ever.

Speaking of better, I've been messing about with new hair textures on and off for the past month. I knew I wanted to improve them, but not exactly certain what I was going to do!

In order to avoid actual work, I've spent several hours playing in Photoshop trying out different techniques to make my new hair textures. At last I've completed the textures for the straight hair and hope to have some new 'dos in the shop soon after the remodeling is complete. I'll be putting 3 of the older styles on sale for 50% off so you can grab them before they are replaced. Sale hair styles have the giant glowey red sign that says, "SALE" on it.

I'll send out a notice once the remodeling is complete and the new yummies are in.

Have a delightful week!
<3 Zullay

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