Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chance of a lifetime

I've gotten some messages asking if I'm going to be releasing anything new. It's been a few weeks and I guess people are starting to wonder.

I haven't had much time as of late, due to a way cool and very excellent real life opportunity. This project is something I'm very passionate about, and hope to make a real life difference with my work.

Unfortunately, this means that designing for Zullay Designs will no longer be possible.

The store will probably stay open through May 31th, 2009 so if there is anything you'd like to purchase you can pick it up.

This has been a wild and crazy ride, and my sincere thanks to everyone for making my fashion designer fantasy come true. I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends and you awesome customers.

Never forget that YOU are extraordinary!

I wish you all lotsa love, laughs and chocolate :)
<3 Zullay

The outpouring of support is so cool! Thanks everyone, it means a lot.

I've also received some questions and requests so here is a quick FAQ's about the store closing (sorry I've not the time to answer them all individually):

Q: Will you be discounting your items or giving them away?
A: No. To give them away or to discount them all would devalue the work I put into them, and would not be fair to those customers who paid full price. The items I placed on discount before my decision to close the shop will remain on discount.
I have always endeavored to do right by my customers and will continue to do so until the shop closes.

Q: Will you hire me/my company/my friend to manage your store so you don't have to close it?
A: No. I do not have the time to create new items and keeping a store just have my current stock available isn't a sound business practice. The stock would soon stagnate and sales would eventually die out completely leaving me to pay my rents out of pocket. If I cannot add anything new and fun for my customers, then there is no motivation for me to keep the store open.

Q: Can I have your files full perm?
A: No. All of the designs are my original designs and I will maintain ownership of my copyrighted materials and creations.

Q: Can I buy Zullay Designs or use the name?
A: No. Zullay Designs is trademarked, and I will not be selling the store. Zullay Designs was my little dream and it is not for sale at any price.

Q: Will you ever return to designing in SL.
A: I've loved my time here and creating yummy stuff has been such a tremendous joy. If there comes a time when I can return and create again, then I will certainly come back.

Q: Can I still purchase the outfits you currently have listed on XStreet?
A: No. They will be taken down as well when the store closes.

Q: Can I sell your items for you and pay you a percentage?
A: No. I am not authorizing anyone to sell my designs on my behalf.

Q: When will you be filling my gift certificate I sent you?
A: I will be filling the gift certificates I currently have this week. Please forgive the delay, but I've such little time at the moment to do anything in SL. I will fill them when I have a free second, I promise! :)

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