Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hello there!

I've been working on a new collection which fits nicely betwen the ready-to-wear items from the Glamour, Poet & Ethereal collections and the one-off items from the Couture collection and are perfect for those who would like an exclusive item without investing in a Couture piece.

::The Limited Collection:: consists of exceptional items and are limited in their availability. Only 10 are sold, and I retain a copy for personal use for a total of 11. Pieces from the Limited Collection will not be available once all 10 are gone.

All pieces are numbered # of 11 so you can see which of the set you are purchasing.

(To purchase an item from the Limited Collection, right click on the item and choose "More" and then "Buy". The item now belongs to you, but you must "Take" it. Now the item will now be in your inventory boxed and you will have to rez the item, then open it and copy them to your inventory in order to wear it.)

You can find the first from the Limited Collection beside the Couture Collection near the back of the store.

::The Chantal Gown:: is the first from the Limited Collection and comes in Scarlet (shown), Violet & Ebony. Top on 3 layers along with a semi transparent flexed skirt, system skirt, glitch pants and gloves are included.

I am also opening a small shop on the new LE.LOOK! Sim which has it's grand opening on Sunday. I've made a new gown that is available exclusively in that shop on LE.LOOK! and you can stop by the new sim and pick up the Vivian Gown.

::The Vivian Gown:: includes top on 3 layers along with a flexed skirt, system skirt, glitch pants, gloves with sculpted flowers, and a scarf with sculpted flowers.
I'll send out a notice on Sunday for those who would like to attend the opening and do a bit of shopping.

Have a delightful weekend!

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